Do I need an appointment?
You usually need to make an appointment to have an eye examination. You will normally be seen within a couple of days. Please book online or telephone our friendly reception staff on 9743 1527 to organise a suitable time.
What if I have a sore, watery, blurry or red eye?
All ocular emergencies are seen promptly. Reception staff can assess your urgency, and in most cases, you will be the next patient to be seen.
How long does a consultation take?
Your appointment will last about half an hour.
What do I need to bring to my appointment?
You will need to bring your Medicare card with you as well as your current spectacles and sunglasses, any eye drops you are currently using and a list of medications that you are currently taking.
Will the optometrist put drops in my eyes?
This depends on the presenting problem. Drops are usually instilled for checking eye pressure which is a routine test for patients over 40. They may also be needed to dilate your pupils so the optometrist can obtain a better view inside your eyes. They are also occasionally used in young children in assessing their vision.
Can I drive after having drops in my eyes?
Generally, yes. If dilating drops are used it is advisable to have someone with you who can drive you home, also bring a pair of sunglasses to wear for a while to alleviate glare.
How often should I have my eyes tested?
You should have comprehensive eye examinations regularly, about once every two years. However, children or patients who have diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts or other eye diseases should have an examination more frequently. If you have visited us before we will send you a reminder when your next eye examination is due.
What is the cost of your glasses?
Our single vision lenses start from $100 a pair. There is then the cost of the frames on top of that. We have a large selection of frames ranging from $99.00 for our budget range through to high end designer frames for around $400.00.
Do you sell sunglasses?
Yes, we stock designer sunglasses such as Bolle, Zeal, Maui Jim and many more. Most of our sunglasses can accommodate your prescription. We also stock Fitover Sunglasses which are designed to go over your prescription spectacles.
What payment options do you have?
We accept cash, have EFTPOS facilities and accept Visa and MasterCard. We also offer a layby facility if you want to pay off your new spectacles. 

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